Thursday, 24 May 2012

In the Garden of Eden

There was precedent, however, in Belize some years earlier when I was young and vibrant. My regiment was deployed there to protect the border against Guatemala. Life in the jungle was uncomfortable but it was uncomplicated and we enjoyed it simply because of that. We trained hard, were adept at jungle warfare and there were no girls. It was paradise, like Adam in the Garden of Eden. So, inevitably, Eve came and shattered the cohesion of our monastic Utopia in the form of a young girl called Debbie Miller. She was a medic. She came offering temptation and we realised we were naked.

One day we were alone together in the jungle camp and Debbie wandered off to a nearby waterfall for a shower. She walked past me smiling.

Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.

I could imagine her, naked and soapy under the jungle waterfall, dappled sunlight on her lightly tanned skin and nipples standing proud, enlarged by cold water and hot anticipation.
“Come on Billy, fuck me harder!” she would have cried with breathless enthusiasm and a strong sense of triumph and for the rest of the afternoon I could have released the pent up lust of weeks spent in the jungle. But I had a girlfriend so I turned away, dropped to the ground and started doing press-ups. I quickly lost count but kept going until the pain obscured my throbbing libido.

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